Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Confused Again

RBC closed U.S.-dollar accounts for dual citizens

Royal Bank of Canada has closed the U.S.-dollar chequing accounts of hundreds of dual-citizen Canadians and refuses to open new ones — a move it asserts was necessary to comply with U.S. rules on antiterrorism and money laundering.
The decision, which has prompted charges of discrimination and racial profiling, has affected “a couple of hundred” Canadian citizens with dual nationalities of Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea or Myanmar since April, RBC spokesman David Moorcroft said yesterday.

Okay. My number one bitch. You are either a Canadian citizen, or you are not. Simple. If there is any exception to be made, it should be only for Canadian and American citizens. After all, let's face it folks....Canada and the USA are the only true remaining places of freedom and democracy left in the world. Please do not insult my intelligence, or yours, by saying that Europe, Britian, Japan,etc. are free. You are not free when you bend over backwards to appease a bunch of 13th century tribal thugs whose only goal is world domination.
Funny how the fisrt things mentioned in the above article where "discrimination" and "racial profiling". Excuse me? How is the RBC's complying with the law "discriminatory" or "racial profiling"? Note also, they did not mention Lebanon, where "Canadian" citizens of convience where brought back here after Israel rightfully bombed them, and then they immediately returned after "hostilities" ceased. Wonder where their bank accounts are.
And I am just a little confused. Cuba? American dollars? Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't the U.S. had sanctions on Cuba since 1958, and if so, why would their dollar be worth anything there? And wouldn't Uncle Fidel throw you in jail if you where caught using "Gringo Bucks"? Outside of the tourist traps?
Funny thing. I have been to Bermuda 17 times. It is a British colony (and tax haven). Every time, the local merchants in Georgetown, or Nassau, readily accepted my Canuck bucks. They even jumped for joy if I had Yankee dollars. Try using the Bermudan currency. The Perfume Factory, a local business establishment that sells out-of-this-world natural perfumes, sniffed at my local dollars, but took my Loonie(okay...massive amounts of) quite readily. What I am trying to say here is ,what is the problem with the U.S. trying to keep a control on their money? Shouldn't every country do that?
I have a U.S. dollar account. It pays me way more than any Canadian financial institute does in interest. I claim it each year on my taxes. It gets an automatic deposit from my paycheck every two weeks. My bank knows this, and so does the government. And I have had zero problems. The only time Revenue Canada came after me regarding this account was for a refund because I had over-paid taxes on the interest! Why? Maybe because I don't hide it, or try to say that it is money being sent to my family in that imporvished country.
Of course some will ask, well,why do you need or have a U.S. account? Simple. Myself and my better half are retiring there, so why not have a U.S. account. Would you try moving to Germany without already having some Deutschmarks in your pocket? Ooppps, sorry Euro-dollars?
But to get back to the main point, maybe this guy says it best...“Most of this is just propaganda,” Reza Zarin said.“Most probably if the people are in business and they really need to have accounts with U.S. [dollars], I'm sure there are all kinds of sources out there they can use.”
Of course there are other, legal options. All the U.S. is trying do to is shut down funding of terrorist groups, and if this is what it takes, fine. But as an aside, until the U.S. decides to nuke Saudi Arabia and turn it into a glass parking lot, then all the stopping, pulling of accounts, refusing to set them up, etc. will have zero effect. Because our terrorist friends are not stupid. And Switzerland or the Barbados are just a phone call away.

And this just in. Who said Saddam served no purpose?

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Sorry had to post it twice....hehehehe H/T Jimmyb

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


UN puts Iraq's 2006 civilian death toll at 34,452

The really funny (NOT) part is in the comments. According to one kook, GWB personally killed these Iraqis. What Bush and the rest of us miss, or fail to acknowledge, is that Iraq is still a tribal country, ruled by tribal culture. Until the Sunnis and Shites sit down and figure out their differences, they will continue to kill each other! THAT is a fact. We in the west are still making the grave error and mistake of trying to apply OUR ways to the ways of a 13th century culture. Until we accept the fact that they understand only one thing, POWER, and its use, we will fail, and Islamofacism will win.