Saturday, March 24, 2007

Break Out the Cheap Champagne!!

The Useless Nations just voted for a second round of sanctions againast Iran and their nuclear progrom. Well whoopppiee fucking doo!!

Their sanctions sure hurt Iraq. And Sudan.And Somalia.And ad naeseum. President "Jerking off in his pants" didn't even have the guts to show up at the Useless Nations. Here's a sanction for Iran THAT WOULD ACTUALLY WORK!!!!!

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Monday, March 12, 2007

Harper Going Socialist??

O'Connor seeks rights assurances
Defence minister will meet Afghan officials to ensure Taliban detainees will be monitored.
Well. I guess he has to call them detainees, since they are definitely not POW's. But here is my question. Why is there any question about the way they are being treated? I don't see reports of any NATO troops cutting off their "detainees" heads. I don't see any reports of them being forced to renounce their "Religion of Peace", or die.
I'll keep this short as the full story made me want to puke up supper. I can solve this problem very simply. DO NOT TAKE ANY DAMN DETAINEES!! End of problem. What happens in a war zone,stays in a war zone.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Friday, March 09, 2007

More Than A Feeling

I don't usually post more than once a day...and sometimes not for several days..but one of my childhood singers has passed.

Brad Delp, lead singer for the band Boston, was found dead in his home today at the age of 55.

I cannot even begin to express the lose I feel. Being a child of 14 when Boston first hit the airwaves, I was entranced. By Brad and by what I call the early precursor to hard rock. They had a heavy riff and a message. Was I into them?? Hell, I still have TWO copies of their original VINYL "Boston" album, one I play , and one still unopened. And yes, I have their CD's also.

Maybe what hit me the most was two things. Being an intrepid and aspiring young drum player at the time (and still can beat out a pretty good solo, much to my neighbours chagrin), Jim Masdea was second only to Phil Collins.

But Brad wrote and sang songs that still had meaning.

Their first hit, "More Than A Feeling", to me, contains perfect insight into love...."I woke up this morning and the sun was gone". What better way to describe a lost love?

Their song "Peace of Mind"?? "I understand about indecsion, and I don't care if I'm left behind, people living in competition, all I want is to have my peace of mind".

As for Brad. There was only one thing I wished see him and Freddie Mercury, on stage, singing. Now there are two voices that were silenced to soon.

And yes. On their first album cover...those are guiters, heading out from an exploding Earth for a better place. Utopian dream, or just "some peace of mind"?????

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Strike 1

Trudeau loses appeal ruling, faces new trial
A summary conviction appeal court has ruled Margaret Trudeau's Charter rights were not violated and she should stand trial again on drinking and driving charges.
"The trial judge's analysis of the right-to-counsel issue is flawed," Superior Court Justice Helen MacLeod wrote in a decision released Wednesday.

At trial, Ontario Court Justice Lise Maisonneuve ruled in November 2005 Trudeau's rights had been infringed and acquitted her after excluding breathalyzer evidence.
Maisonneuve found Trudeau's right to choose her lawyer was infringed because Const. Trevor Archibald told her no one answered the phone when a call was placed to the first lawyer Trudeau picked, rather than saying an answering machine picked up the call.

Damn right the trial judge erred! Since when is an answering machine considered a person??? And what difference does it make? Under the Criminal Code, a lawyer does not need to be present to administer a breathalyzer, only that one has been informed, and in 100% of those cases,the lawyer will tell you to take the test,and things will be ironed out in court.
Maybe what the police should have done was tell that an answering machine had taken the call, and would she like to leave a message. Then give her the test,and then let her sit in a cell until her lawyer showed up. Who knows, she might have flashed them a little Canadian beaver ala Club 54??
At least the Appeals Court judge used a little common sense by throwing out the original not guilty verdict. Or maybe Justice Lise Maisonneuve smelled a Canada Superior Judge appointtment if she threw out charges against the ex of the former commie/socialist PM Turdeau?? After all, the leftards were still in power at the time. What better way to show your loyalty to the criminal group called the Liberals then by invoking not only their flawed "Charter of (Criminal) Rights",but also the specter of their former Capo? Hope this finally comes out the right way.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Jimmy-Bob calls the local division of the RCMP with a complaint. "You just have to get out here and do something about my neighbour 2 doors down. Last night I saw him unloading 2 cords of wood into his back yard!"
So what's the problem asks asks the cop. Having wood in your backyard isn't illegal.
"Yeah" says Jimmy-Bob. "But I am pretty sure that he smokes marijuana, and that he has at least 500 pounds of it hidden in the wood!"
Oh says the cop. That's different! We'll be right over!
Sure enough the cops,with SWAT team in tow,arrive. In no time, Jimmy-Bob hears hollaring,screaming,and cursing coming from his neighbour's backyard. He climbs up on his roof, and sees the cops cutting up his neighbour's wood,yelling at him about a stash of drugs and how he had better come clean. Four hours later,the cops leave,unable to find any dope.
The next morning, Jimmy-Bob phones his neighbour. "Say, where the cops over at your place yesterday?" They sure were says his neighbour. "Did I see them chopping up some of your wood?" he asks. Yeah says his neighbour. They cut up every damn piece I had.
"Well" says Jimmy-Bob, "I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Get Used To It

4,000 places still lack hydro after knockout storm
Jennifer Edgar had no food left, no power or heat and she was running out of hot water.
Edgar's home, in the Broadview Ave. and Danforth Ave. area, was one of thousands still without power yesterday after power lines were torn down by the storm that arrived late Thursday.
Everyone she knows in her neighbourhood is without power, said Edgar, a recording industry employee in her 40s.

Well Jennifer, you little believer in the Kyoto Cult...get used to it. In fact,if Dr.FruitFly and his entourage get their way, this is how you will be living for a LOOOOONGGGG time. After all, it will take at least 100 years to correct the wrongs we have done to the enviroment.
So what is your problem, Jennifer??
Is this a problem?
Then how can you rectify it, staying within our Kyoto commitments??
Are you starting to realize that maybe you have to give up your daily shower? Oh. You think that because Dr. Suziki will still get to take his and you can't,because he can use the money he stole from us to buy credits, is unfair?? So who cares? You bought into it,you pay for it,and take your stinky,skanky body elsewhere.
So far she had been unable to reach a Toronto Hydro representative.
WHAT???? Why isn't your cell working? Why don't you drive down to meet him/her? Oh sorry. Being a good Kyoto-cultisit, you don't drive. Darn. Start walking.

Most power disruptions are in older areas of the city, where power lines and large trees became entangled by wet, heavy snow and winds reached 50 km/h.

Hold it!! Wet,heavy snow??? We are in an irreverisble,mankind destroying, global warming!!!! Where is this SNOW coming from??? And winds of 50 km/h!! The horror. Normal day on any planet.

Main point...When I DO NOT start seeing stories about this, and I can no longer access the Internet because it has been totally shut down by every country following Kyoto, then, just maybe, I might shut down my furnace. But then I am a fake,because I have a wood stove! And I happen to live north of the 48th parallel.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Government Hypocracy,Again

Feud leaves soldiers' children waiting for care
Petawawa families coping with stress, anxiety disorders as Ottawa, Ontario squabble over who's responsible for bill

More than 40 children of soldiers serving in Afghanistan who suffered mental trauma in their parents' absence are being denied therapists as the provincial and federal governments squabble over who should pay.
A spokesperson for federal Health Minister Tony Clement said he is ready to talk to his provincial counterpart, but reiterated that mental health care is a provincial responsibility.
This is just stupid. On one hand, the Feds are denying their responsibiliy to look after mental health,but on the other,they have no problem coming after a province's resources.
So just where are the Fed's going to stick their noses? They say that mental health, a HEALTHCARE problem, is the provinces area,BUT,if said province trys to implement PRIVATE resources to cope with the problem,then the Feds say they are violating FEDERAL control over health care!
MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!! Either you(the Feds)look after health care,or you don't!! And please,do not bring that commie/socialist crap bill of Tommy Douglas into play.
You know the problem here? It is not the Feds or the Provinces. It is the sheeple of Canuckistan,who are SOOOOOOO far behind in realizing that socialism doesn't work for health care. Screw the Feds, Petawawa. Spend the bucks to help these kids, THEN go fight the Feds!! And BTW, you would have a better chance of getting the bucks if you(Onscario) would stop voting in the Lieberals/socialists!!

Per Ardua Ad Astra