Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is It Discrimination?

So some proud playing in a soccer game was kicked out because she was wearing an Islam Hajib. Now everybody is screaming foul, none more so than the Canadian Soccer Association. They are screaming that it is discriminatory and that no rules in FIFA, from which they draw their rules, forbid this.
Oh really?
Here is the official rule...A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery).
Read the full list of laws regarding equipment that is legal to wear here.
Multi-cult screw-up strikes again. Personally, if I was FIFA, I would simply say fine Canada. You don't won't to play by the rules, take your team and your leftard multi-cult outta here. You're banned!!!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning Thought

I've been thinking about ethics and morals lately, and have a question....

Do you think our morality is defined by our actions, or by what's in our hearts?

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

They Call This Green?

First we have the Master of fruit flies driving across the country in a 40 passenger, diesel bus with only six people, spouting off about how he has the plan to save the world from global warming. So why isn't he biking? Or driving a hybrid? Hypocrite!!
Now some figures have been released for the new Grand Wizard of the Kyoto Krazy Kult "Save Our Selves" (S.O.S.) world rock tour. Al Gore actually must love global warming! How else to explain this nuttiness, and the twerps who will shell out good bucks for it.
The concert will produce more CO2 in one day than Zimbabwe produced in any month in 2003.
The concert will produce more CO2 in one day than the total daily fossil fuel emissions for Austria, Chile, Finland, Greece, Iraq, Kuwait, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Sweden, the Virgin Islands, and a dozen other countries combined.
The concert will produce more CO2 in one day than the entire nation of Afghanistan produces in a year.
So how are you going to explain this one, you eco-nuts?
As the article says....For the inconvenient truth is that Al Gore cares more about being viewed as an eco-savior than he does about actually acting in a way that might help us “save our selves.”
Don't ya love when a plan comes together? NOT! Maybe the next one will be "plant some trees"??

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Friday, February 23, 2007


Feds hope back-to-work legislation will beat economic 'chaos'

The federal government is hoping to pass legislation ordering 2,800 striking employees at CN Rail back to work before the walkout brings economic "chaos" down upon the country. "The economy of Canada, the economic activity of Canada, is going off the rails." "Companies are shutting down, one after another. Workers are losing their jobs. ... Citizens of our country aren't getting the basic necessities of life, food and fuel. Ford Motor Co. of Canada shut down its St. Thomas plant in southwestern Ontario after a material shortage caused by the continuing strike, a spokeswoman for the company said Friday.
The closure affected 2,300 people at the plant, which makes the Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis. The workers had been on short shifts for two weeks because of the strike.

There's no panic at the pumps quite yet, but a gas shortage in Ontario has already stranded drivers in at least one northern community and left motorists in the province's biggest city accusing retailers of hiking their prices to take advantage.
The only working gas station in Elliot Lake, Ont., west of Sudbury, has run out of fuel due to a shortage brought on by a fire at an Imperial Oil refinery last week. The closest place to buy gasoline is nearly 60 kilometres away in the town of Blind River.

So. What is the common link here? Simple. This is just a very, very, small snippet of the crap that is going to hit the idle fan if either of two things occur.

One....the Feds, any Feds, bring about NEP II. Because Alberta and its oil and gas will be gone! Any that does make it to the ROC will cost so much, that only the rich politicos and their cronies will be able to afford it.

Two....the Kyoto eco-cultists get their way, and this money-laundering scam is implemented to its fullest.

If either of the above does happen, the lemmings in the ROC had better start taking lessons from this guy!

The one silver lining in this cloud? Alberta will be an indepentant country! Who says good things can't happen?
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Missing Some Research

More problem children today than 50 years ago: Vanier Institute study
If today's youth seem incorrigible, it's because there are more problem children now than 50 years ago, a study released Tuesday by the Vanier Institute for the Family suggests.
The finger of blame points at everyone: parents, schools, neighbourhoods and the media, said the author of the study, Anne-Marie Ambert, a professor of sociology who recently retired from York University in Toronto.

I Don't need a study to tell me this. But then, I not live in leftie/dipper LaLa Land either. Here's some of this "finger of blame".
The paper is a review of hundreds of studies, mostly from Canada and the United States, that looked at various causes for the rise in children's behavioural problems.
The studies looked at poverty, peers, parenting, schooling, media, personality, genetics and communities.

All of the above have definitely declined, drastically so over the last 20 years. But there are two very important influences left out; feel-good socialism and lax juvenile laws. Wht weren't these included? Probably because it was a socialist who authored the study. And we all know the last things leftards do is take the blame for anything!
Reading through the report itself, one may come to only one conclusion...this whole thing was nothing more than a waste of tax-payers money to further the socialist/dipper cause. is an excerpt from the studies "What can be done?" conclusions....Overall, children need a stable and secure family structure with preferably, but not necessarily, two parents who are loving and authoritative . The definition of caring has to be reoriented so that it is linked to both genders and becomes part of our public life. Parents need other adults to help them care for their children in the traditional sense of the word. As well, parental moral authority has to be strengthened.
Raising the intellectual quality of schools and doing so in a manner that would captivate a larger number of students with different interests is important. This means more qualified teachers, more male teachers, a more structured classroom, and a more inclusive physical education program so that children are engaged physically: more exercise during classroom time and nonaggressive sports for all. Research on young children indicates that helping them develop some concern for others may contribute to a decrease in negative behaviours.

In other words, get rid of the last 30 years of social engineering!!! It DOES NOT WORK!!! But I am not holding my breath for a turnaround anytime soon.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Global Warming Bias???

Global warming no problem for grizzlies in the foothills

When I first saw this headline, I thought, WOW. A different article on the Kyoto/AGW cult. Boy. Was I wrong!!!

Willingness to eat almost anything makes the bears very adaptable.A new study of grizzly bears in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains demonstrates the massive and much-feared animals are well-equipped to survive climate change.
The foothills grizzly's love of all manner of plant, bird and animal means the burly beast is eminently capable of switching from one food source to another whenever conditions in the natural world change, the University of Alberta study has shown.
"There's no such thing as picky grizzly bears," university biologist Mark Boyce said Wednesday after a multi-year study of the animals was released.
A grizzly bear grazes on grass along the water's edge in the Khutzemateen Valley in northern B.C. in May 2001. New research from the University of Alberta suggests the foothills grizzly's varied diet gives it an advantage when faced with climate change.
"They'll eat almost anything they can find."

Well isn't that nice to know. But something VERY strange happened an the way to reading the rest of the article. NOWHERE.....absolutely the entire article released by U of A biologist Mark Boyce was ANY reference EVER made to climate change, global warming, icecap melting, etc,etc. It was a study on the eating habits of grizzly bears, and the finding that, yeah, Martha, they are omnivirous and will eat almost anything that doesn't get them first.

So why the headline about Global Warming?? Just more enviro-cultist propoganda to spread the word of the religion every chance they get. Algore and Goebbels must be smiling from empty-headed ear to ear.

And just to show that not only the loony-left here knows nothing about bears, how about this funny out of Britain.... Somewhere in England, there is an academic who wrote a science textbook that claims, among other things, that polar bears eat penguins. Holy schmoly!! This global warming and sea level rising thing has gotten totally out of control!!! I mean, my God, now the Antarctic and its poor penguins have been flooded out all the way to the Arctic Ocean to become food for the poor, dwindling polar bears (or vice versa). What? You also didn't know that according to the cult, polar bears are know almost extinct, even though there are more of them know then there has been in the last 200 years? Oppppppsssss. Sorry. Didn't mean to insert any nasty little facts in here. Shit. Now I'll probably be branded a heretic by Algore, Stephan Duhyawn, David" jerks off fruit flies" Suzuki, and various other eco-cult high priests. Oh well. C'est la vie.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just A Wierd Saturday

Some funny stuff.

Tourism official defends 'orgasm' ad
Tourism Victoria is defending a new advertising slogan that says "the search for your perfect orgasm is over". . But spokeswoman Melissa McLean says that particular line will only appear in culinary magazines in the United States. Another version of the ad aimed at gay and lesbian visitors reads: "Time to experience that tingling sensation."
Sorry. The only thing "orgasmic" that I've ever found about Victoria was the flight back. Maybe that's what they meant?

Fine forces naked jogger to get dressed
A man with a habit of jogging in a park wearing nothing but a pair of running shoes plans to keep his clothes on after being fined $95 for indecent exposure. People are allowed to sunbathe naked in the park, but only out of the sight of others.
"We don't see it as appropriate behaviour," said Kerry Carlson, president of the Midpeninsula Rangers Peace Officers Association. "A significant number of people feel uncomfortable with a nude person running around."

Ummmmm. Maybe he should move to Victoria???

Man accused of riding nude on ski lift
Blame global warming. An Albany, N.Y., man is accused of riding nude in a gondola at Stratton Mountain Resort on Dec. 15. A witness reported to lift attendants that Barrett was nude and touching himself inappropriately while riding the lift.
So where did he hang his ski lift pass?

And finally, a quiz for all you guys out there to ask your prospective life mate.

1. What is the price difference between Dom Perignon and Cold Duck?
2. What is your favorite Monday night sports entertainment?
3. What does the word "love" mean to you?
4. What do you consider "quality time"?
5. Point north.
6. Name a non-Liberal Prime Minister.
7. Where is the closest E.I. office?
8. How often do you cook hambuger?
9. Do you cook?
10. How do you spot the difference between a 1 caret rhinestone and a real diamond?

Now I think I will head out to enjoy some of our recent global warming.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What A Farce

So the opposition parties are all happy and giddy that they managed to force through Parliment a LAW that Canada must present a plan within 60 days to meet Kyoto targets.
All I ask is that everybody calm down for one second. We are talking politicians here. The Conservatives have ZERO interest and plans to do anything regarding this scam. Which is good. PMSH and his Enviroment minister Baird have absolutely NO desire, or reason to implement or follow this attempt at a political coup.
Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez states that the Conservatives MUST follow this bill, or face lawsuits, non-confidence motions etc.
His own government under PMPM bluntly refused to recognize or follow a non-confidence motion, which they lost, while they were in government. So go ahead, Pablo, take it to the Supreme Court. You guys have already set the precedent that governments do NOT have to follow the democartic procedure.
Liberals said the Conservative party's dissenting vote last night shows the government has no intention of honouring Kyoto, an international treaty that aims to halt global warming.
Ummmm. Sort of like the Lieberals did in 13 years? Oh wait. They did accomplish something. They sent millions to China, and did RAISE our emissions 34%. I'm proud. Aren't you?
"The prime minister can't act like an emperor and decide he'll respect one law but not another one he doesn't like," said Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez, who introduced the bill adopted Wednesday.
"He can't do that. This is a democracy. Democracy has expressed itself."

Ah. So all of a sudden the Lieberals are for democracy! See above regarding a democratic vote of non-confidence.
Here is the one part we can all take heart in...the bill contains no specific spending measures.
PMSH. ARE you listening? Lay out said plan NOW, even before it gets through the Senate. Then, when the Senate passes it, you will spend exactly what it takes to curb this....1 BUCK. Oh. And shut down ALL industry in Onscario and Queerbec. Make the center of the universe asshats go south for employment, and make the frogs buy ALL their power,gas,oil, etc from Alberta. What? That is exactly what they are trying to do to us, so what's the problem?

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Must Be Good News

Partisans filling judge nomination committees.Conservative Party ties most common factor in appointments, Globe finds

All I can say is whoopee. If the Mop and Pail finds this fact offensive, then that can only mean it is good for Canada as a whole, not just Queerbec and Onscario. Plus they stick to their tried and true method of if there is no story, make on up to scare the sheeple of Canada.

The Conservative government has loaded the committees that determine who can become a judge, selecting a series of Tories including former politicians, aides to ministers, riding association officials and defeated candidates.
The influential but little-known judicial advisory committees were created in 1988 to take partisan politics out of the appointment of judges. But half -- at least 16 out of 33 -- of the people chosen by the federal justice minister as his nominees are conservative partisans, a review by The Globe and Mail has found.

First off, the M&P must be using new(Lieberal) math. Note that 16 of 33 is now MORE than 50%. I wonder if this is how they figure out their circulation numbers? Note also it was created in 1988 to "take out" partisan politics in appointing judges. Now there is a moronic statement. Not ONCE in the whole article does it mention a peep about the Lieberals appointment to the panel over 13 years. Yup. They sure are non-partisan. All you have to do is Google Supreme Court Justices to see exactly who was being partisan. Tell you what, M&P. When there is finally a true equal number of appointees to the Supreme Court from both sides of the political spectrum, then that will be fair. It will take about 20 years to achieve this mark.

As I said earlier, you can bet this will be good for Canada. What scares the M&P so much is that finally there is a chance some judges who are not socialist idealogues will finally get on the bench, and start bringing some true justice back to the system. This would be a horrible blow to the Lieberals/Dippers of this country. Now longer could they shirk their duties as politicians by referring everything to the Court for implementation. Do you really think the SSM crap would have been passed if Parliment had done their job, and voted on it properly? We will never know, as the Lieberals told their stacked Court to rule on it, thus avoiding their duties. On those grounds alone, just maybe in 5 years it will go before the Court again, and this time the judges will say, in nice terms, screw you. YOU are the politicians. You are supposed to be making the laws, not us. Then it hopefully will overrule the previous illegal findings, and it will go to a vote.
And maybe we won't have the judges constantly making up and/or interpreting laws.
And the M&P makes a big deal out of the fact that cops are now on the committee! Imagine the horror! How dare the Conservatives allow the common, frontline, unwashed masses to have a say on how something that will directly affect them! This is definitley NOT the socialist way. Turdeau must be spinning. Just think. Accountability and tougher enforcement of the laws, and an overhaul of that Utopian dream called the Young Offenders Act.
Of course the M&P, and most other MSM outlets will try to spin this against the Conservatives. It is a direct threat to their nanny state, government depentent, secular, wealth (except their's) destroying way of life. How many social workers will be out of work when they no longer have gangs of little thugs to rehabilitate? Just think!
The whole article is worth the read, if for no other fact then the comments. Which BTW, are now closed. Guess they where getting to many people who where for the change. Hehehehe.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lieberals/Dippers/Bloqheads Flip-Flop

Liberals drop support for Anti-Terror Act clauses.

The Liberal party has dropped its support for the most controversial anti-terrorism powers that it passed in the wake of 9/11 while in government.
The two clauses of the Anti-Terror Act scheduled to fade out after Feb. 15 allow for investigative hearings of material witnesses and preventative arrest without bail for 72 hours.

Great. Why don't they just say that they don't give a damn about Canadians security and move along to the next boondoogle? They, and their socialist dipper cohorts, are after only one thing here, the Muzzie immigrant vote. I mean, if they were really concerned about bad laws, they would be fighting to SCRAP the long gun registry, not fighting against PMSH's plans to do just that. They would be falling down all over themselves to add some guts and REAL punishment to the YOA. If they are so concerned about our welfare, why aren't they doing everything possible to help Sheila Fraser uncover all the dirt in Ottawa?

Sure. On the surface this all sounds so warm and fuzzy. Look! The Lieberals have changed! The Dippers have changed! They don't want to see bad things happening! They really care! Yes they do care; they care about how fast they can get back into power so that they can plunder and rape this country some more. And they don't care what they have to sacrifice to get it, including their souls, which is rather moot as they don't have any. And as for the Bloqheads, well, they will side with anything that makes Harper look bad, on the chance it might slow down his popularity rise in Queerbec.

Ontario NDP MP Joe Comartin told the Star that he isn't worried about the powers fading out.
"Much as we saw the War Measures Act used in the 1970s against the Quebec population, these provisions were just wide open to be used against the First Nations, the Muslim population, any number of other groups, the labour community. It just was wide open to potential abuse somewhere down the road."

Really Joe??? So why weren't all those Indians who were rioting and taking over property in Ontario dealt with under this law? Oh right. I forget. You have a Lieberal government in Onscario. And you just had to get your commie union buddies in there, didn't you?
What really scares me is that this just only shows the true colours of these leftards. That they WILL do anything to get back power, including screwing around with our nation's security. It would be funny if it wasn't so damn pathetic. Read it all to see the rest of the ridiculous excuses they give, including some Amnesty "We support Terrorists" International nitwit. But I suggest you don't do it on a full stomach.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Ain't It The Truth?

This says exactly what the whole Global Warming and Kyoto fraud is. We all know leftards and socialists will buy any bullshit from anybody. Now if we could just market common dogf**k!!!

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dion Shows True Colours

Liberals plan women-only nomination races

OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is prepared to take "extraordinary measures" to boost the ranks of women candidates in the next election, including barring men from seeking nominations in some ridings.

"Including BARRING MEN from seeking nominations in some ridings"
Why doesn't he just save himself some time and effort and appoint who will be the Lieberal for whatever riding?

Where necessary, the committees will be able to simply refuse to allow men to run for nominations in some ridings.
"We're trying to find the techniques that are consistent with our democratic processes to the greatest extent possible," said Gerard Kennedy, Dion's special adviser on election readiness.

Barring men from running is consistent with the democratic process??? Only in Cuba, China, or North Korea. Mind you, Kennedy did state "our", as in the Lieberal sense of democracy, which in most of the world is known as dictatorship. Of course some obscure women's rights group has applauded this measure.

Equal Voice, an advocacy group dedicated to increasing the participation of women in politics, applauded the move to reserve some ridings for women only.
"Right now it looks as if 80 per cent of the ridings are reserved for men," said Rosemary Speirs, founder of Equal Voice.
"So I don't see that this is imposing a quota or tokenism or anything else. I think it's just an effort to make sure the party reaches out to women and gets some in there."
Speirs added that leaving ridings to their own devices to recruit candidates "doesn't seem to work for women."

Of course they then quote some numbers about Canada's "dismal" number of female MPs. Maybe they haven't quite figured out yet that perhaps females don't run because they DON"T WANT TO! Read the whole thing. It is so full of bullshit and thinly vieled attempts to say that barring men wouldn't be a problem, that it must have paraphrased Communist doctrine quite a bit.
So what happens when no woman steps forward for the "prestige" of being appointed for a position that is supposed to won by an election. And who will be the first male to file a discrimination suit with the Human Rights under the Charter?

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Thursday, February 08, 2007

What Next?

Refugee claimant 'not gay enough'
The city's gay community and the Toronto Youth Cabinet are rising to the defence of a gay runaway from Nicaragua who faces deportation next Tuesday after losing his asylum claim because "he did not have any same-sex relationships."

Only in Canaduh, eh. Thank God at least one member of our so-called Immigration Board still has some marbles left.

Adjudicator Deborah Lamont, who conducted the Oct. 6, 2005, hearing from Calgary via videoconference, took issue with his lack of same-sex relationships during his six years in the U.S.
"I determined on a balance of probabilities the claimant did not pursue same-sex relationships in whatever capacity ... because he is not a homosexual," she wrote in her decision.

My concern is are we now going to start allowing this "gay" thing as a reason for seeking refugee status? I guess we have no choice, thanks to Turdeau and our "Charter of Rights For Everybody Except Heterosexual, White, English-Speaking Men and Women". So now more time and taxpayer money will be wasted on figuring out just how gay you have to be to claim refugee status to stay in the country. Of course his lawyer is filing a motion to stay the removal order.

"In my view, the refugee board has failed to recognize that my client is a victim of violence, a victim of abuse. He's simply vulnerable, whether he's gay or straight.""In my view, the refugee board has failed to recognize that my client is a victim of violence, a victim of abuse. He's simply vulnerable, whether he's gay or straight."

Christ. I hope his motion fails. If not, every Tom, Dick, and Jane in the world will be screaming abuse and violence to get in here. As if we don't have enough problems with our Immigration gurus trying to advance our multi-culturalism by already allowing to many dubious people into this country on a whim. And we all know just what "abuse" and "violence" is in the minds of moonbats and socialists.
And has anybody else noticed lately that most of those advancing the socialist agenda seem to have pretty wierd Canadian names? Just look at his lawyer, El-Farouk Khaki, and the guy/gal from the gay community who is also trying to get their 15 minutes of fame through this story, Suhail Abualsameed.
It seems to me these guys should be more concerned about allowing lowlifes and terrorists into this country, like the Khadrs, then somebody who may or may not be gay. Pray for us if this is the direction of our country. Don't these guys know that the solution to the problem of violence is not to allow all the "victims" to come here, but to root out and change the attitudes in their country? So how come Abualsmeed isn't screaming about how the Islamofacists in his country don't grant refugee status to gays, they just behead them?

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Suziki's A Liar

So Canada's leading cultist of Kyoto, David "zoomzoom" Suziki, is on a tour of the country, asking about global warning and what Joe/Jane Six-pack would do about it if he/ were PM. He started out in the Maritimes and is currently in Queerbec. Here are some of the lies from his just released diary of the trip so far.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, I heard stories of families split apart by the tar sands. Those left at home are grateful for the incomes their loved ones are able send, but they are torn by concerns about the inherent unsustainability of the industry, and what its continued development will mean for global warming and for future generations.
Well guess what? There are families split apart in Alberta, and every other province, dipwad. And not just by the oil/gas industry. And the only "inherent unsustainability" concern about this industry is what the Lieberals will do to it when and if they get back into power!

In New Brunswick, people told me they were worried about their province being too heavily tied to a single corporation that is expanding fossil fuel development.
Correct, David. And that "corporation" is NOT Irving Oil (which has all their money in Bermuda anyways). It is ALBERTA and our transfer payments! I am from N.B. It has been for 50 years, and will be for a long time, nothing more than a Federal government sponsored welfare province, thanks to Alberta and the transfer payments.

In Nova Scotia, I was grateful to be able to spend some time with renowned biologist Ransom Myers, whose work on the depletion of the planet's fish stocks sounded a warning to the world. And in Prince Edward Island, we felt the pride of a province that has a plan to be entirely powered by green energy.
David. Most of the depletion of Canada's fish stocks came from overfishing, by NON-CANADIANS fishing illegally in our waters. Allowed, I might add, by Lieberal governments. And PEI has a plan to be powered entirely by green energy? Only at election time to get votes. But it should be pretty easy for a province that has ZERO manufacturing and/or industry, only potatoes and tourism.

I write this as we pull into beautiful Montreal at sunset. Quebec has been an inspiration, with more ideas and solutions here than anywhere yet. To beat global warming and put Canada back on track, we need to learn from those solutions and let them be the glue that binds this country together.
The only truth in this is that yes, Montreal is a very beautiful city. But Queerbec ideas and solutions? So flooding millions of acres a forest to build a hydro-electric plant is a solution? Ummmmm. Aren't all those trees a CO2 sink, and therefore good in the fight against GHGs? So how do you square this one, David? And the "glue" that binds this country? This from a province who dual purpose is only to advance socialism to its Nth degree, and to screw the ROC while they are at it? They only things that "binds" in Queerbec is the shit that comes out of it.

But here is his biggest, and most blatant lie....At each stop, I've been asked which political party I support. And my answer is always the same - none.
Bullshit. If it where not for the Lieberals, their lap-dog MSM, and your own bloated self importance, you would be nothing more than a failed geneticist. Oh wait. You are already a failed geneticist. That's why you jumped on the enviromental band-wagon long ago. In that field, you don't have to do any actual research, and you can spout anything you like, and the moonbats, liberals, and socialists will worship at your feet. Perfect for a commie fruitcake like David Suziki.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Little History

Well. I hunted around and couldn't find any interesting NEW news, so figured I'd do a little history for today.

Of interest to our friends to the south, today in 1933, the 20th amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect. It basically lays out the procedure for the succession of presidents, and the beginning and ending of terms for elected officials.

In 1952, Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth II on the death of her father, King George VI. At the exact moment of her succession to Queen, the 25 year-old Princess was in a treehouse at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya.

And it was exactly 1 year ago that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives became a minority government after 13 years of Liberal dictatorship.

Some birthdays... Aaron Burr, 1756....Babe Ruth, 1895....Ronald Regan,1911...Eva Braun,1912...Mary Leakey,1913....

And deaths....Kings Charles II, 1685, and George VI, 1952....Chris Gueffroy, 1989, the last person killed trying to escape over the Berlin Wall...

And some holidays... Bob Marley Day in Jamaica (Mahn) and Ethiopia....Waitangi Day in N.Z....Sami National Day in Finland and Scandanavia...and Ronald Regan Day in The U.S.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Monday, February 05, 2007

Where Was This Done?

Plenty of support for bilingualism: poll

It has taken four decades and sometimes a lot of argument and bitter feelings, but according to a new poll commissioned by Radio-Canada, official bilingualism is finally a hit in Canada.
The CROP poll shows 81 per cent of those surveyed support the idea that Canada is a bilingual country.

The polling firm CROP questioned 2,000 Canadians between Oct. 23 and Nov. 19.

Just two little questions....WHERE were these 2000 people from, and WHAT is their political affiliation? Any bets on how many were from outside the Queerbec/Ontario region, and how many DID NOT work for the federal government?

Just a Monday morning thought.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Still Confused (Not Really)

First. Apologies for my lapses in posting. I've be "doing nothing" for the last month for an average of 14 hours a day, getting my "easy money", as Mr. DidLittle Duhyawn pointed out.

So there is a "new" paper out saying that global warming is now an "enormous threat". Naturally being interested in this, what with the temperature outside my front door being a balmy -21C right now, thanks no doubt to global warming...opppsssss...climate change, and how I miss -40C so much, I thought I would see what our MSM was saying about this threat.
Well imagine my surprise that Canada's Pravda spin-off, the Toronto "Red" Star, had nothing but good things to say about Mr. Duhyawn and his "plan" and trashed PMSH. "This is the challenge of the century," Dion said. "Canada will be a leader to face this challenge with a convinced prime minister. We don't have one today, but if Canadians want to embrace my vision, we will have one tomorrow." A few points, Mr. DidLittle. Where was your "plan" 2 1/2 years ago? Where was your party's plan for 13 years? How come the Lieberals head bagman, Mo Strong, who intiated Kyoto, is hiding out in China, a non-signatory? And two biggies; How will devastating Canada's economy by killing the oil-sands give us money to develop new "green" technologies and how will giving Mo and his communist/socialist buddies billions of what's left of Canada's dollars help stop something that has already been produced? Let's not forget that the Chinese have already embarked on building 500 new COAL FIRED electrical plants, with, I must add, some of the millions we have already sent them. Did you not see the report from your own socialist firm, the Pembina Institute, that says a coal-fired power plant in Ontario is THE largest contributor of GHG in Canada?
Of course, in the eyes of the MSM amd lib-left of this country, Harper vilified himself when he stated the following....While acknowledging the problem is "enormous," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said yesterday that for the time being, Canada can only hope to stabilize its emissions rather than aim for cuts.
"You can't just snap your fingers and reduce emissions by one-third, reduce Canadians' energy use by one-third, in the space of a couple of years," he said. "We have to talk about facts, not about fantasy."
Ah yes. The facts. Personally, I think Harper should resign right now for daring to even use the word facts when talking about a pseudoreligious cult like Kyoto and its followers.
Damn it. I don't want my politicians talking facts and figures! I want them telling me how to live, and what to think, and believe, while blindly following their every promise/lie as they rob me of every penny! (Opppssss. Sorry. Got a sip of the socialist Kool-aid instead of my coffee.)
Of course the "Red" Star espouses the group that issued the report, their 4th since 1990, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Their aims, purposes etc. are to numerous to list here, but check out their website. (Notice...socialist gobbledy-gook galore...puke warning). Suffice to say that they are an ad-hoc group who do ZERO actual research on anything, and that they are sanctioned by the U.N. "Nuff said. Notice in their report they used 2,500 scientists for their findings.Ummmmm. I guess the other 11,000 scientists who debunk climate change weren't available for any input. Maybe they were sunning themselves in that new resort in Greenland!
Of course, the weenies and whiners had great things to say about the report. Witness what that great statesman and leader of socialist reform, that President of the Country of White Flags, had to say...In Paris, French President Jacques Chirac issued a dramatic warning. "We are on the historic threshold of the irreversible," he said, and he called for an economic and political "revolution" to save the planet. Hey Jacques. Let me guess. That revolution would be led by your buddies "I'm a nutcase" Ahemad-whatever of Iran, and Kofi "hehe,Kyoto. Better than oil-for-food scam" Anan? This from a guy whose policies in the E.U. has led to the collapse of his and most of Europe's economies?
Now if this has you shaking your head, try this.
The scientists said it wasn't their job to spell out what actions should be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they voiced strong doubts about schemes to orbit thousands of umbrella-shaped shields to block sun rays or seed the oceans with iron to boost the absorption of carbon dioxide.
They also urged caution in pushing plans to curb the minute chemical particles, known as aerosols, which are a key ingredient of urban smog. Attacking smog is a main plank in the clean air program outlined in proposed legislation from the Harper government.
The aerosols stop warming solar radiation from reaching the Earth and keep the planet cooler than it would otherwise be.
One study quoted by the IPCC estimated that eliminating aerosols could accelerate global warming by as much as 0.8C "within a decade or two."
That's slightly bigger than the recorded increase in the global average temperature over the past 100 years.
McBean said government policies needed to be integrated, rather than tackling smog and greenhouse gases separately. He also pointed out it doesn't matter where greenhouse gas emissions are reduced around the world.

This part has me really confused....They also urged caution in pushing plans to curb the minute chemical particles, known as aerosols, which are a key ingredient of urban smog. Attacking smog is a main plank in the clean air program outlined in proposed legislation from the Harper government.The aerosols stop warming solar radiation from reaching the Earth and keep the planet cooler than it would otherwise be. HUH????
So you mean that the enviromental terrorists, who succeded in having CFC's banned, which are aerosols, are actually CONTRIBUTING to global warming? And these "scientists" are actually advocating for MORE smog?? Christ. I wish they would make up their minds!!! Would these be the same enviro-cultists who campaigned against, and still are, the quickest, easiest, cleanest, and cheapest alternative fuel known, nuclear energy? So are they looking out for the enviroment? Or their own pocket books?
IMHO, Stephen Harper said it best in 2002 in a fundraising letter..."As economic policy, the Kyoto accord is a disaster. As environmental policy, it is a fraud," Harper said, according to the text of his speech.
As an aside, I personally blame Ronald Regan for all this climate change fiasco. If he had not been so successful in bringing about the fall of Communism, then we would not have all these lost and displaced commies/socialists/fascists running around, looking for new ways to fleece the sheeple of a country through scams like Kyoto. Watch for the newest upcoming "crisis", which should be appropriately named "Otoyk". It should pop-up in about 5 years when global warming is finally debunked as the money-transferring scam it is, and they start bleating about the coming "Ice Age". Oh wait. They did that 25 years ago. Twits. As the saying goes...socialists have as much commen sense and logic as there is warm piss in a dead dog, and about as much feeling for the "unwashed" masses as there is in a witch's tit!!
Now. When do I get my ocean-front property in Edmonton?


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